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What To Expect

There are specific steps we follow from the time of our very first meeting to ensure that we are constructing complete and comprehensive portfolio recommendations to prospective clients. 

These steps are spread out over at least 2-3 meetings. No paperwork is EVER presented during our initial meeting. 

  1. Establish Relationship: We will get to know each other in order to determine if we are a "good fit." We will define for each other what we expect in our potential client-advisor relationship.

  2. Gather information: We will ask you to provide us with your current financial information and explain your future financial goals. It is important to be honest about this information, whether or not those funds may be a piece of those you are seeking advisement for. Full disclosure ensures the most effective strategies for your needs and objectives.

  3. Portfolio Proposal: After we analyze and evaluate your specific circumstances, a proposal of recommendation(s) will be made.

  4. Execute Proposal: ONLY AFTER YOUR APPROVAL will the implementation of the recommendations begin.

  5. Follow Up: Once everything is executed, we will be in contact to inform you about any relevant news about your investments. Reviews of your portfolio are suggested at least on an annual basis.

*Please note, we never charge a fee for appointments!


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